GDC Prep

GDC is once again coming around, and because of such, I suggested to those choosing to make the journey from Australia with me to have a mid-flight game jam, since we have the time (13 hours in the air just from SYD to LAX). Those going out of Sydney on the 17th, since they are on an A380 flight, will have internet while over the pacific.My brother and I are flying out on the 22nd, so I am not allowed to start till then, but I get to choose the theme and stew on it for a couple of days, so I guess I come out ahead.

My search for graphics related knowledge continues, and Jetha referred me to Realtime Cameras by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson as an excellent source of information on Cameras, suggesting to use it to help design a camera class for Harpoon's framework. From what I can see, I agree with Jetha's assessment. My flight out is only a month away, I can only hope to work on and have something to show in time.

Harpoon's Framework (It wouldn't surprise me if I eventually just release this framework separately as "HarpoonFW" or some such name) now has a basic camera class, and I refactored the Main method to a much simpler "declare SystemManager, try catch for exceptions, post as message box afterwards" type. It at least makes for simpler error message handling, and also allows for error codes, something that I have yet to try out. I'm also hoping for a bit of inter-object message handling, but I am not sure I will get around to implementing it. Writing this post, it occurs to me that I am, in fact, stuck in a feature implementation cycle and not actually implementing any gameplay features. Damn. Eh, I need an input manager to do anything anyway, so I might as well implement that and a debug camera, then fork the repo again. Such is life.