Post GDC: Spear

Since GDC, I have been working on a DirectX11 variant of the Harpoon engine, codenamed Spear.I say variant, but making a functionally similar engine again resulted in a different architecture, but it's as close as I want it to be for DirectX. Since DX11's API changes when you use the Win8 SDK, and this isn't strictly covered in any tutorial, I will be posting a list of changes and a couple of helpful functions I have needed in order to get the tutorials from 3D Game Programming with DirectX 11 by Frank Luna, and the RasterTek tutorials working in VS2012 and under the latest tool chain.

It's been a busy couple of months, so here's a photo of the lit terrain tutorial, working under v110 tools: Chapter 7's tutorial Spear's Repo is currently private, but that may change given enough time. I'm currently working on texturing, then implementing XInput support. Probably will post a video then as a proof of concept.