Blogworks: Work or Play?

Well, this will be an awkward first post for the new site.

My original intention for my blog was going to be a development blog for my personal projects, but my approach to said projects (and, as it turns out, work projects) is more of a 'hack away until done, bottle-necked, or bored', with work only having the former two as an option.

So, where does that leave space for blogging?

If games/game development was my only hobby or calling, that would be it, game over, blog done, time to get back to playing The Talos Principle (which you should play, gushing review TBA).

That's obviously not the conclusion I can deal with, otherwise I wouldn't have attempted to write this post.

So, why not force it? For the next year, the aim is to have more than 52 posts in this blog by this time 2015, which is, as of first draft of this post: 2014/12/31 01:08 GMT+8.

2015 is going to be an interesting year, and I wonder if I'm going to succeed.

I also wonder if anyone will bother reading this, but that will only happen with time and advertising.