GDC 2015 Sitrep

TLDR; It was pretty cool.

The VR talks, in particular Valve VR talk, allowed me to hope that the Vive and the Oculus Rift are going to have a good place in the industry.
It might happen, but like self driving cars, I'm stuck wanting it to happen so much that it's stopping me from being able to tell if it's going to.
Still looks pretty sweet, in my opinion.

DX12 and Vulkan both look to make multithreading the one thing I wished I had already had 5000 hours experience in. So much performance to be gained!

This is the first GDC where I've seen AAA devs /not/ go into how they wrangled the previous gen to eke out every last bit of power from the aging boxes. Didn't stop the one Far Cry 4 talk I saw make it very obvious that we need to drop the old boxes to raise the performance ceiling for AAA back of box features.
I wonder if the consumers will agree.